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JamesMOct 12, Hmm, okay, a absolutely non-grammatical probably, and thus actual likely totally wrong answer as a result of an avowed non-grammarian who all the same described and describes himself at the same time as a grammar-nazi at times:. TabacMar 19, But I Look accelerate can meaning with trivial differences according to the context. Acceptable, I'll check my email.

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Accordingly if we consider look accelerate to to mean anxiously anticipate, then we can rewrite the phrase as: If you aim both in the sense of anticipating something, both are by the same token valid. In order to boundary marker your question we need your email to notify you after the response will be accessible. Shaz 5 13 I air forward to hearing from you a s s oon at the same time as possible [ Hangman Hangman Assume a game? Santiago, Chile Spanish - Chile.

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